Data Leak from Virgin Media Exposed 900K Customers Personal Information

What Happen?The Virgin Media Data Leak Exposes Details of 900,000 Customers on the Internet is an alarming episode for Virgin Media. Although a cyber ...

Corona Virus Vaccine Developed with support of AI Technology

AI Help to Stop Spreading Corona VirusThe Medicine Technology for Corona Virus (MTC-CV) is a vaccine developed by Immuno-Genetics that is intended to stop ...

AMD CPUs are very vulnerable to New side Channel Attack

How AMD CPUs attack is so Vulnerable?A channel attack is a recently discovered, potentially dangerous side effect of the general design of AMD CPUs. In ...

TCL Foldable Mobiles Launched

TCL FoldableTCL has released a new Foldable Mobile to the market that allows people to work at home, not from their desks but on the go. It’s like having ...

Apple iOS 13.4 Can’t come out very soon

With the arrival of the new iPhones and iPads, the initial set of Apple gadgets that launched with the release of the first iPhone has finally been replaced ...

Is TikTok spying on you?

TikTokDo you find that your spouse is checking in with Tiktok or Tiktok every night and then not letting you know about it? Could it be you have a spy ...

USA Space Force New Mission. Protecting 5G Network?

NASA on missonThe United States Space Force, also known as NASA, is heading towards an exciting moment of its history with its new mission of Protecting ...

Samsung Galaxy M40 finally have Android 10

What’s new in Android 10For all those who love to download applications from the internet, do not worry about you will be delighted with the presence of ...

Apple iPhone Sales plunged

Apple iPhone sale is gone down. The same thing happened to the Apple iPad sale too. Apple sold out of its new Apple iPad and Sale plunged and eventually the ...

Google Employees Ordered to Work From Home As Corona Virus on Peak

Google employees ordered to work from home as Corona Virus on Peak. When the launch of Google Buzz was announced, many questions were raised as to how many ...

Microsoft shutdown millions of zombie bots

Microsoft shutdown millions of zombie bots that are currently running against the Windows XP operating system. Microsoft is taking down Mircosoft and many ...

Infinix S5 Pro Review

The Infinix S5 Pro mobile is the new breed of multifunction mobile phones. It has become a great choice for the common people because of its amazing features. ...

OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T Mobile

The new flagship phones from OnePlus is the OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T. Both are created for Android smartphones that is also known as Android. The main ...

Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max review

The new Apple iPhone 11 and the Apple iPhone Pro Max are a drastic change in the way that the phone has been built to handle. It is a gigantic leap in terms ...

Huawei P40 Lite Review

Recently, there has been a new device that is making waves in the gadget market and that is the Huawei P40 Lite. This review is going to be focused on the ...

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