USA Space Force New Mission. Protecting 5G Network?

NASA on misson

The United States Space Force, also known as NASA, is heading towards an exciting moment of its history with its new mission of Protecting 5G from hackers. Yes, the United States Space Force has its sights set on the Space Race and it’s finally sending the message that it’s here to stay. As long as the United States is leading in space, it will be leading in communication technology. And that’s only the beginning.

If you’re wondering how the heck the U.S. is leading in satellite technology, it’s all because of strong companies like Google, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, HughesNet, Loral and more. All these companies have joined forces and created a consortium of companies that are so strong that they’ll probably have to call it a military group before too long. In the future, this group will be made up of every company that makes satellites, now and in the future. These strong companies can afford to get a little technical. NASA knows that the stronger the security is for their satellite communications, the safer everyone will be on the planet. It’s true: strong security is going to make everyone more comfortable in their lives, especially when they can’t reach someone on the other side of the world. Now that’s a mission!

Will the United States Space Force send signals in the future that are encrypted, so only the strongest can listen in on them? We’ll find out soon enough. Soon enough, we’re going to see the launch of some sort of a radio that can listen into conversations and transmit messages only the powerful can hear. Will it be the U.S.

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