TCL Foldable Mobiles Launched

TCL Foldable

TCL has released a new Foldable Mobile to the market that allows people to work at home, not from their desks but on the go. It’s like having two of those computers in one. One is the most powerful, the other can be folded in half and stashed away in your pocket, when you need it. The foldable mobile runs on lithium-ion batteries, which are built into the laptop. The batteries recharge when you charge the battery pack in your laptop. The foldable mobile only weighs 3.3 pounds, so you can easily carry it around.

Does this work similar as Laptop?

The Foldable Mobile has a much smaller monitor than the normal laptop. A basic model will have a 15″ monitor and a USB port so you can charge the laptop and use the unit. It also has a built in speakers. These are great for listening to music or watching a movie while working on the computer. Other features include the ability to adjust the screen up or down so you can be working with bigger windows. You can also adjust the height to make it easier to type on the keyboard. You can also have it connected to the internet for web browsing and downloads, allowing you to use your laptop as your personal office suite.

The TCL Foldable Mobile has a great camera. It has a built in HD camera that shoots high-definition video. It’s great for using on the road so you can take pictures of your family while you’re working. It also has a front flash to brighten up the pictures when the room lights get low.

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