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Apple iOS 13.4 Can’t come out very soon

With the arrival of the new iPhones and iPads, the initial set of Apple gadgets that launched with the release of the first iPhone has finally been replaced ...

USA Space Force New Mission. Protecting 5G Network?

NASA on misson The United States Space Force, also known as NASA, is heading towards an exciting moment of its history with its new mission of Protecting ...

Google Employees Ordered to Work From Home As Corona Virus on Peak

Google employees ordered to work from home as Corona Virus on Peak. When the launch of Google Buzz was announced, many questions were raised as to how many ...

Youtube Android App will get Default Video Setting

Soon in upcoming version of the YouTube app for Android will allow you set a preferred video quality for streaming. YouTube’s Android app will get a default ...

Xiaomi launches wireless earphones like Apple AirPods, know features

Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi has launched True Wireless earphones. Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 features an Invitation Noise Cancellation. It has 14.2mm ...

Zoom Bug let Hackers to take control over webcam and microphone

A new flaw discovered in the latest version of “Zoom” allows hackers to take over webcam and microphone and record users’ audio conversations. Hackers can ...

Google Pixel 4 smartphone latest update comes with i-open feature

Google recently released a new update for the Pixel 4 smartphone. In this update, the company rolled out the April 2020 Android Security Patch. In this ...

scientists are creating tree that glow in the dark

Scientists are creating trees that glow in the dark. Think of the kids who will play with it in the back yard. They will have a fun night playing around ...

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