Data Leak from Virgin Media Exposed 900K Customers Personal Information

What Happen?

The Virgin Media Data Leak Exposes Details of 900,000 Customers on the Internet is an alarming episode for Virgin Media. Although a cyber security firm has found this leak and has reported it to Virgin Media and Virgin Media is taking the necessary measures to prevent the leak from happening again. However, these measures include opening up a code-protected section of their website so that users can go there without any fear. The incident is a case study on how you can find your own customers, but also a study on the dangers of not having proper security measures in place when you do business online.

What Can happen with Data?

The Virgin Media Data Leak Exposes Details of 900,000 Customers on the Internet was created by a group of independent software developers who have discovered that this leak is the result of a weak password structure. Since Virgin Media is trying to sell its customer database to third parties, there is a risk that the hackers could use the leak to steal the information they need. The hackers have exploited the weakness in the company’s infrastructure to get access to the customer data and list of their personal details. This would include people’s email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, fax numbers, account numbers, birth dates, credit card details, and other information.

What Can we do to save Further Risk?

By ensuring that there is no password protecting the entire site, the hackers are unable to gain access to the customer data. In response to the leak, Virgin Media has made it clear that it is taking the necessary steps to protect the customer data from misuse. They have also closed off some areas of their website that could potentially be exposed. The company is even working with a cyber security firm in order to make sure that the user database is protected, and that their security systems are up to date.

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