Samsung Galaxy M40 finally have Android 10

What’s new in Android 10

For all those who love to download applications from the internet, do not worry about you will be delighted with the presence of the Samsung Galaxy M40 Android 10 and since it is updated to Android Lollipop it will bring you the ultimate experience. Most of the handsets are already using this new OS and since this one is a special one and has a new feature named “Status Bar”. The user can see the time, date, and battery levels of your handset on the top most part of the screen. If you don’t know what this feature is, then let me enlighten you about this for you to know what this is.

When you browse the internet, your Samsung Galaxy M40 will show the information directly on the display without any delay. Apart from this, the device also supports the camera, FB, E-mail, Browser, Music, and Maps features. It also has Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, camera, and the camera can be set to take video clips. It also supports the Wi-Fi hotspot and the voice recognition feature of the handset. Since it is compatible with a variety of media players like the iPod, Pandora, Slingbox, Google Play Music, and more.

Good for Gaming experience

With all the features that you get with the Samsung Galaxy M40, I am sure that you will not get bored. You can download free applications for your entertainment purposes and you can play your favorite game with it. The device also supports many games that can be downloaded from various websites. There are some applications that you can find in various stores and you can play them with the help of your phone without any hassle. You can connect the handset with your PC using a USB cable and transfer the files in the same way. I would recommend you to buy the device as they have almost all the features that you need.

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