Corona Virus Vaccine Developed with support of AI Technology

AI Help to Stop Spreading Corona Virus

The Medicine Technology for Corona Virus (MTC-CV) is a vaccine developed by Immuno-Genetics that is intended to stop the virus from spreading in humans. The new vaccine against this virus has been proven to work in a human clinical trial. This means that it works and will be used as a medical intervention that can help cure the virus in humans. This is not meant to be a full cure, but rather to reduce the number of cases of the disease in people who are infected with it. It is only meant to help slow down the process and prevent the virus from spreading in people who are already infected.

How Scientists Discovered the Vaccine?

However, this Vaccine was not designed to fight off the disease permanently. It does not aim to completely remove the virus from a person’s body. It is only meant to stop the virus from spreading in people who have the most chances of being infected. So when the Vaccine works, it is only meant to serve as a good measure to delay the spread of the disease. In some patients, it can even reduce the severity of the disease. And in certain people, it can stop it completely. And if the Vaccine is used in combination with other vaccines, it can also help in providing lifelong protection against the disease.

How Vaccine will help?

The MTC-CV Vaccine is very useful in that it helps in getting a full cure that can be long lasting as well. When it is combined with other vaccines, it can be a powerful tool. But it is important to note that the Vaccine cannot guarantee that the disease will not come back again. The vaccine can only help slow down the recurrence of the disease in people who are infected with it. It cannot give a sure way to completely stop the disease. Therefore, it is not meant to be used for stopping a disease like AIDS or for prevention.

When Vaccine will be Available for human trail?

Vaccine cannot be expect sometime soon, but can expect around mid of 2020, same time scientists from all around the world working hard to get the solutions and stop this worst epidemic of modern century, WHO also issued $12 Billions for research, meanwhile we can stick to the guidelines given by WHO to be safe.

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