Microsoft shutdown millions of zombie bots

Microsoft shutdown millions of zombie bots that are currently running against the Windows XP operating system. Microsoft is taking down Mircosoft and many other bots that are constantly attacking the Windows operating system and cause a large number of problems for computer users all over the world. The bots run on a wide variety of programming languages which makes it very difficult to keep up with them. A single bit can take down entire computers.

Mircosoft takes down zombies through several methods, the most popular is shutting them down remotely via a program called “botnet.” Botnet, when paired with an Internet connection, can shut down many machines quickly. This has been an option for a long time but only recently has it become so easy to utilize because of the integration of all the software required.

People use bots for their own entertainment, to play games on Xbox Live, to get Internet services or to gain access to online banking. They are also used by hackers and telemarketers to take over accounts. It’s important to note that bots are illegal and they violate laws in many countries. Microsoft will soon be taking down Microsoft and the other bots in order to prevent the proliferation of these programs. It’s a good thing they are taking these actions since it’s easier to remove any program than it is to add new ones.

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