Elite Hackers Thought Behind Cyber Attack On World Health Organization

Recently, the official site of the world health organization has been hacked and it is discovered that hackers have thought to create some videos online. The World Health Organization (WHO) plays a very Important role during this pandemic. Hackers does not give two hoots as cyber attacks against the WHO double.

Researchers believe and suspected an advanced group of hackers known as DarkHotel are behind this attack, The WHO published an alert in February 2020 and warning that hackers are posing as the WHO agency to steal money and sensitive information from the public in this painful time.

Organisation working hard to stop such attacks

Cybersecurity firms around the world including Romania’s Bitdefender and Moscow-based company Kaspersky said they have traced so many of DarkHotel’s operations to specially East Asia – an area that has been specifically affected by the corona virus. With the threats and damage that these hackers can cause, people should not underestimate the importance of being careful, which is why those Elite Hackers have been seen to hack into the official site of the world health organization. Therefore, you should be careful while you open any of those emails that you receive and should not open them unless you can delete them right away.

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