Corona Virus
Corona Virus Vaccine Developed with support of AI Technology

AI Help to Stop Spreading Corona VirusThe Medicine Technology for Corona Virus (MTC-CV) is a vaccine developed by Immuno-Genetics that is intended to stop ...

Google Employees Ordered to Work From Home As Corona Virus on Peak

Google employees ordered to work from home as Corona Virus on Peak. When the launch of Google Buzz was announced, many questions were raised as to how many ...

Corona Virus vaccine test centre hit by cyber security attack, stolen data posted online

Over the past weeks, we have been witnessing an increased amount of website exploitation attempts. Unfortunately, many threat hackers have started to abuse ...

Elite Hackers Thought Behind Cyber Attack On World Health Organization

Recently, the official site of the world health organization has been hacked and it is discovered that hackers have thought to create some videos online. The ...

BlackNET malware spread through fake Corona antivirus Vaccine tool

Fake Corona Antivirus Vaccine Software Used to Install Backdoor Malware. WebSites promoting a fake Corona Antivirus are one step ahead of the current COVID-19 ...

CORONA: Hackers are taking advantage of your mistake, do not forget this work

The corona virus is working as a bait for hackers these days. There is an emergency like situation around the corona virus across the world.Tech companies and ...

Tik Tok become most downloading app during lockdown

During the lockdown, the download of apps on the smartphone increased rapidly. ByteDance Company's short video making app TicketTalk has been the most ...

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