CORONA: Hackers are taking advantage of your mistake, do not forget this work

The corona virus is working as a bait for hackers these days. There is an emergency like situation around the corona virus across the world.Tech companies and health organizations are creating websites about information and methods of prevention regarding the corona virus.According to a report by research firm Checkpoint, thousands of such websites are being created by hackers for the purpose of harming users.Websites are being built on the corona virus and as soon as the user accesses these websites, there is a loss.

According to a report by THN, hackers are using the Corona Wire COVID-19 outbreak to inject computer viruses. Even a huge amount of purchase of domains associated with the name Corona virus is going on.Domains associated with the Corona virus are being bought and sold in the dark web at an expensive price. According to the researchers, a huge increase is being registered in domain registration. This is 10 times more than the normal days.Hackers are cheating people by creating Corona virus theme website. Not only this, people’s mobiles and computers are also being hacked through attachments in emails.

We have already told you how the hacking is being done by sending emails related to Corona virus. Generally people come to panic and open such attachments and then this makes the work of hackers easier.

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