CORONA: Hackers are taking advantage of your mistake, do not forget this work

The corona virus is working as a bait for hackers these days. There is an emergency like situation around the corona virus across the world.Tech companies and ...

Hackers cheating with the name of Corona Virus, Hacking phones with remote sensing technology

These People take the entire mobile on the remote via online mode and then you will get your app open. As soon as you open the app, you enter your own number ...

Marriott hotel hit by Second Cyber attack leaked 5.2 million guests data

On Tuesday, the Marriott Corporation suffered a second breach exposing data of 5.2 million hotel guests. The first breach occurred on May 19th and exposed ...

Zoom Bug let Hackers to take control over webcam and microphone

A new flaw discovered in the latest version of “Zoom” allows hackers to take over webcam and microphone and record users’ audio conversations. Hackers can ...

Group of security researchers discovered thousands of Android apps contain hidden backdoors and blacklists.

A lot of research was conducted to come up with Cyber Crime Alert software that allows experts to uncover hidden behavior in thousands of Android apps. The ...

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