BlackNET malware spread through fake Corona antivirus Vaccine tool

Fake Corona Antivirus Vaccine Software Used to Install Backdoor Malware. WebSites promoting a fake Corona Antivirus are one step ahead of the current COVID-19 pandemic to promote and distribute a malicious payload that will infect the target’s computer with the BlackNET RAT and add it to a botnet. The site’s operators carefully chose an academic big hard hitter to endorse it. According to the website, the Corona Anti-virus was developed by ” Harvard University scientists” who “have been working on a special task AI development to fight the virus using a Windows based app.

How Malware spread?

The BlackNET malware is not a malicious tool. It is actually a Trojan or spyware that hides itself in the fake antivirus tool called Corona. In fact, it is not only the spyware in Corona that is harmful; the BlackNET also sends data about the users’ Internet activity back to its author.

As a result, the Cyber-Criminals is able to collect valuable information about their victims. They can also use this information to send out spam and scams. And the more the Internet users surf the Web, the more the Cyber Criminals is able to collect huge amounts of personal information. When a person clicks on a link, the spyware logs that visit, the search engines which used, the pages viewed, the URLs clicked, etc. This information is very useful for Cyber Criminals who is selling of it on the Internet. Full source code for this toolkit was published on GitHub about last month.

How to avoid installation of malware?

It is advised not to open suspicious email for which you are not sure about source, ones received form unknown/suspect senders. Any attachments or links present in such fake mail – must not be opened, as this can take system to a high-risk infection. Always research software and only advised to download it from official sources.Make sure always keep your device up to date with latest version. To ensure device security make sure scan the system on regular intervals.

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