scientists are creating tree that glow in the dark

Scientists are creating trees that glow in the dark. Think of the kids who will play with it in the back yard. They will have a fun night playing around it. Not only is it very fun to watch your kids play with it, it is also great for a different way to search for lost things. Think about all the people that wander around late at night in the dark hoping to find something. Maybe they forgot something, maybe they just feel unsafe. If you can make a tree glow in the dark, you can let them know that their safety comes first.

Think for a minute: No more street lights with broken bulbs or dimly-lit alleys. Instead, your evening and late night stroll will be illuminated by luminous trees. Bioluminescent trees would be another, even greener alternative in upcoming years.

How it will happen?

Firstly, Scientists will insert the DNA into small bacteria called agrobacterium. That bacteriums are so clever, it has figured out how to do genetic engineering on its own. once bacterium inserts the DNA into the female gametes of the plant. We can grow the seeds that will come from those tiny flowers, and we’ll have the DNA that we designed on the computer in the plant.

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