India will be fifth largest super computer power in the world

Several institutions of education including IITs will join the National Super Computing Mission
Will be used in all educational institutes and research labs of the country, China has the most supercomputers

India will become the world’s fifth largest force in the field of super computing by December. The situation was normal by the last week of April following the lockdown situation caused by Corona, so super computers would start functioning at IIT Kanpur, JN Center for Advanced Scientific Research Bangalore and IIT Hyderabad. Supercomputers are ready here, just to be commissioned. Earlier last year, three super computers were installed at IIT (BHU) Varanasi, IIT Kharagpur and IISER Pune.

After these six supercomputers, the capacity of the country’s supercomputer will be 6 petaflops. The number formed when writing 15 zeros next to one is called PETA and FLOPS means floating point operation per second. That is, a computer with the capacity to run one lakh billion operations per second. Supercomputers are used in calculations for weather, climate studies, bioinformatics and material science etc.

India will have 17 Super Computers

Science and Technology Secretary Ashutosh Sharma said that the objective of the National Super Computing Mission (NSM) is to increase the country’s super computing capacity. In the first phase, six supercomputers will start functioning next month. In the second phase, by December this year, 11 more super computers will be installed in labs like IIT, NIT, IISER Bangalore, National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute, Mohali. In this way, there will be 17 supercomputers in the country.

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