Computer Chips Are Powered by Human Neurons

Computer chips are powered by human neurones. Human neurones are artificial neurons, which have been engineered so that they can be programmed to do things. The concept of software and computer chips is the same. When you plug a program into your computer, it tells your computer to function like your artificial neurone is saying “do this thing”. The chip on your computer also has a chip in it’s back, which is an artificial neuron which is programmed to perform a specific task.

Human neurones and computer chips operate at the same time: Humans perceive time in a different way than computers. Computer chips don’t see time as it happens. A computer chip will always see time as it goes by. To the computer, time is like an endless curve. To a human, however, time is more like a very severe earthquake that hits the Earth with the force of thousands of atomic bombs.

A software programmer makes the human neurones do certain things. Human neurons are constantly doing things. They are not doing anything or repeating themselves. Think about this for a second. Every time a human neurone does something, it is doing something at a completely new level of consciousness. All programming is changing information. We are making programs.

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