Samsung Galaxy S20 review

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is here! Before we proceed, please consider a few details. First of all, if you’re not aware of what a Galaxy means, it is basically the latest technological marvel. Secondly, there are a number of carriers out there that carry an Android device and a Galaxy device. So, I have a question for you: will you be interested in trying out the latest smartphone on the market today?

The S20 and S20+ are so incredibly similar that the choice between the two comes down to size preference. Especially if you are in no rush to hop on the 5G early-adopter bandwagon since the vanilla S20 is available in a 4G configuration and a incomplete 5G one (Sub-6 only). Similarly, if you are not a photography buff, or the type of person to always go for the best out there, the S20 Ultra isn’t the sensible choice. It’s time to get your mind ready for a big change. For some people, it may seem a bit silly that you would need to read an article about a phone before you can actually purchase one.

But the fact is, the Samsung Galaxy S20 introduced on February 4th is a complete technological marvel. Just read the words above again. First, we’ll take a few brief moments to unbox the S20. The packaging is a standard affair – a perfectly sturdy, two-piece box with a nifty cradle inside. Unfortunately, you don’t get a case with the S20. On the flip side, you do get the same 25W PD, PPS-enabled charger. The exact same one, like with the S20+ and S20 Ultra. It is a complete technological marvel. The Galaxy S20 comes with the latest operating system, software, software enhancements, media functions, games, apps, smart dialing, multi-window mode, the Smart Stay function, the high resolution camera, and the S Health.

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