Nokia 7.2 starts getting Android 10 update, these new features added

The latest Nokia phones running on the old Android operating system are slowly getting replaced by the Nokias 7.2 and 7.3 running on the new Android operating system. If you have a Nokia 7.2 then it has a bad time of usage and the old interface is not very appealing. So, in order to ensure that you get to use the new Nokia operating system you need to update your phone to the latest firmware and you should also install the latest Nokia Android apps. Now let us find out what new features have been added to the Android ROM of the new Nokia 7.2 phones.

A few days back, the latest Nokias had been using the old H.264 player for their Nokia Photos apps. This is still the case but the new Nokias are getting replaced with the latest X-Play apps which include features like the Canon and iPhoto, which are very popular and are actually very impressive indeed. The pictures taken from your camera can now be automatically organized into albums, allowing the user to browse the album and even view the photos directly from the album. The users can save as many albums as they want. They can then download them again or upload them into their computer through the USB port of the phone.

Another new feature included in the Nokias is the F-Guide app. F-Guide helps the users to find and book the restaurant in a particular location by using Google Maps. The F-Guide app comes with all the information about the restaurant and even with the menu and even with the contact numbers for the owner. Once the users have found the restaurant in their location they can book the reservation with the help of the reservation app. There are other new features included in the F-Guide app, like the camera option in which the user can specify the GPS co-ordinates of the destination and also with the address and any other information. The CCTV mode is also another new feature available in the F-Guide app which lets the users find the closest CCTVs and also get the pricing. It comes with the GPS location and even with the feature which shows the waypoints along with the name of the roads and even with the name of the traffic signa

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