Hackers cheating with the name of Corona Virus, Hacking phones with remote sensing technology

These People take the entire mobile on the remote via online mode and then you will get your app open. As soon as you open the app, you enter your own number and transfer the money deposited in your account to another’s account. For this you have OTP, then it is also visible to them due to remote sensing. This is a kind of high technology, which is rarely used by people. The second way is to ask you for OTP and then with his help blow the money out of the account. However, now people have become aware about OTP. There are very few cases in which fraud is committed through OTP.

How to be safe?

Almost all our information is available on Facebook profile. Like who are your friends and relatives and who likes more, comments. There is a description of the visits. Even mobile number and email are written. On the basis of this, the people in front cheat you. The easiest way to avoid this is to change your settings. That is, apart from friends, no one could see your photos. Keep numbers open for yourself only, numbers and email etc. Hide the year in the date of birth. Nobody will find out about you by doing this

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