Nokia 6300 4G Feature Phone with Dual SIM

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  • A modern classic, redesigned
  • Familiar and easy to use
  • 2.8” curved screen, Easy for anyone to use with zoomed menus and the option of larger fonts
  • Classic Snake Game
  • Wireless FM radio


  • RUB: ₱3,817
  • MXN: $699
  • CAD: $55
  • AUD: $62
  • EUR: €38
  • GBP: £32
  • INR: ₹3,387

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Nokia 6300 4G Feature Phone with Dual SIM
Nokia 6300 4G Feature Phone with Dual SIM


  • RUB: ₱3,817
  • MXN: $699
  • CAD: $55
  • AUD: $62
  • EUR: €38
  • GBP: £32
  • INR: ₹3,387

Additional information

Specification: Nokia 6300 4G Feature Phone with Dual SIM

Product Dimensions

4.91 x 2.09 x 0.54 inches

Item Weight (ounces)



Item model number



1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Best Sellers Rank

#1,577 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #60 in Cell Phones

Date First Available



Country of origin



Connectivity technologies

Special features

, ,

Other Display Features

Other camera features


Battery Power Rating

‎1150 Milliamp Hours

Item Weight

‎100 g

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Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Nokia 6300 4G Feature Phone with Dual SIM

3.3 out of 5
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  1. JaytnBeans

    Does have dual sim. 10% of the features work well, the phone and texting. The other 90% of bloatware and useless google apps are unnecessary, and I don’t use them, beyond syncing my contacts. Contacts cannot contain “()” parentheses in phone numbers, or else they are deemed invalid. Genius choice. Google doesn’t like KaiOS and flags it as insecure when trying to access maps and other g apps. The hotspot is hit and miss. This phone doesn’t support “extended range LTE”, so the hotspot is unreliable, but it did work somewhat, using T-Mobile. AT&T’s coverage is supposed to be better, so maybe the signal will be stronger, but idk

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  2. Bob

    Tested on T-Mobile and Verizon successfully. Note that It may not cover all bands.Google Maps does not provide guided directions as you move, only a list with manual advance. A big miss IMO.My biggest issues with this phone (KaiOS): Predictive text needs to be turned on in Settings, then selected every time at text input using # key. HUGE FAIL it doesn’t stay on as default. First capital letter sometimes fails. Biggest issue is not being able to cycle between words using * and cannot use # to force a capital letter while staying in predictive text.You can delete Facebook!!! WooHoo!You cannot delete the crap games.Dual sim dual standby. A phone or text can be received by either phone number, but once using a number, the other phone number goes to standby until you are done with that communications.Cellular service over WiFi works for T-Mobile (did not test Verizon).WiFi drains the battery quickly, so if used as a hotspot, get extra power.The battery uses a new form factor: BL-4X which is not available anywhere. 1200maH. This is a big miss—use what is readily available!The display has a small angle of use, but I don’t find an issue with it.Sound is OK for earpiece and speakerphone (not close to iPhone).I expected the keypad to be difficult to use as there is no space between the keys for navigation by touch. However, the keys move enough to work (Nokia 3310 still has the best numeric keypad). Note that I can use 2 thumbs and type as fast as I do on the iPhone using the “T9” predictive text.Engineering internally is superb with 3 flex antennae and very simple construction.I have not tested the internal microSD slot because I always get disappointed it cannot go to 512GB and play FLAC file format music.I have not tried the FM radio that requires a headset (acts as antenna) to use.All in all, it is the phone I would want to travel with to minimize hacking and reduce my data footprint. Perfect to pair with your computer, tablet, or smartphone (turn the power off to cross borders and only turn on WiFi & Bluetooth, never cellular service).Rumor is that KaiOS 3.0 is just around the corner in 2021. If they can fix the text input I would put this phone at 4.5 stars (0.5 star deduction as the battery is not widely available).

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  3. TomaxXamot

    TLDR; You can read other reviews about the KaiOS flaws, etc. My review is short and to the point. Great form factor, a good amount of apps ( Google Maps ) in case you need to use them while detoxing from smartphone usage. I highly recommend this versus others candy bar phones. In addition, this will support AT&T 4G LTE coverage in the future.

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  4. Rev. Kusala Dhammaratana

    Handy dandy un-smartphone, but not short on features! Smaller in the hand, light weight; It’s plastic if you’re OK with that. DOES have an external speaker for those who can’t hear well. Slower than a smartphone, but no spyware like android an IOS. Downgrade to this phone for privacy and long 3 day battery life.

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  5. Fayez

    Very slow

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  6. Pyromethious

    People who drop stars on a device like this because they’re comparing it to a smartphone need to rethink their logic.First thing I should point out is that I’ve only managed to test it on wifi due to needing a nano SIM before I can give it to the intended user (who currently has a much more basic brick phone). I haven’t had it long enough to gauge the battery life.Setting it up was pretty simple as it guides you through it. I didn’t exactly figure out how to turn off the narrator at first, so that took a minute to turn off in settings. Getting onto wifi, bluetooth, etc were really easy as was navigating the “app store”. I was happy to see you don’t Have to create an account to download any of the dozens of apps available. I nabbed the battery app as all you get is the standard icon in the top where as the app provides percentage. Note: Like much of the phone, app functions require you to be IN the app to use them.I was able to send the contacts via BT just fine between phones, but then I remembered how much “fun” bar phones are as you have to manually import each one after that on the receiving device. It has a decent built-in radio app that can even run in the background, but it requires wired headphones (wire becomes the antenna). On some phones, I was able to trick it by just connecting an aux cable, but this actually checks for the headphone itself. Up side is that you can switch to the speaker, but Still have to have the headphone connected.It has a handful of the most useful Google apps you might use on such a device including the Assistant. Like the other apps, you have to open it to use it, but using it is pretty similar to one the android phones in responsiveness. Sadly, it won’t make a WhatsApp call for me. Maps Does work, but you must manually walk through each turn in the list. IE: Not the realtime view you get in the android version. Web navigation can be tricky, but not horrible. I’ve not messed too much with youtube, but all of the apps do allow you to sign into them. I believe that I could have imported contacts via google as well.WhatsApp works better than I’d hoped, but with the now expected caveat that the app MUST be open during use. IE: I didn’t even receive a text notification when I sent one, nor did the phone ring for the voice call test unless it was open. Attempting a video call gives an error on the android device that the Nokia isn’t capable of video calling. That said, when the device is awake and unlocked, it Did seem to allow calls and messages to come through from the main screen like I’d expect, but it was Not consistent, so not as reliable as a standard call. I still need to test it on cellular, but not getting my hopes up as I’m starting to understand how this OS works pretty quickly.Annoyances about the phone/OS…The power button could be a bit more pronounced as while I can feel it, it’s not as tactile as most phones. It’s not hard (nor too easy) to press though, so that’s good at least. There aren’t any side buttons to control things like volume, so that’s managed in the settings and probably using the soft keys during a call. I checked the old phone and it’s basically the same, so that’s probably a bar phone aspect I’ve forgotten. While easy to press, the keypad isn’t as separated as I’d hoped. There is a grid, but it’s not as prominent as one may expect. I don’t expect anyone to no-look text on such a device.When typing, even with Predictive Text active, you still have to manually swap between the “Abc”, “ABC”, “abc”, “123”, and Predictive modes. This is one of my biggest gripes as while the predictive works well, it’s not like T9 at all and the device will default to “abc” when changing fields, apps, etc. But so long as you’re typing one long thing, then the Predictive works well.I’m not about to Test it, but it doesn’t feel like it quite has the rigidity that a normal Nokia phone is known for. It feels more plastic than brick in my hand I guess would be the best way to put it. Like others have said, 90% of what comes installed is not able to be removed, app wise. You Can fully customize the arrangement of the apps within the menu however. It took me a while, but I did figure out how to hide the somewhat pointless (how to use features) cards that initially block some of the screen.Overall, with a slight learning curve (around a hard head) I think the intended recipient will be able to use this just fine and will likely enjoy the Radio and WhatsApp features the most as we have family abroad that they otherwise couldn’t talk to normally (without incurring charges).

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  7. Abishek Hc

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  8. Abishek Hc

    I bought this for using it as a backup phone. I really liked it design but it has only medium quality. And the call quality is so poor. Speaker quality is poor too. I wanted to return it but they offer only replacement. 16MB Ram is kinda slow too.

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  9. Vimal

    Very Poor Battery life !!

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  10. kumar limbu

    Worst mobile i have ever seen. After cupple of days i had to stop using it.

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  11. salman

    Display not good4g VO LTE support

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  12. Anoop V.

    Nokia is really good in making durable mobiles. This one is good, the body could have been more strong also the sound could have been more louder. Rest everything is perfect.

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  13. Bilal

    Is not nokia mobile only waste of money.. Very slow

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  14. Jean Paul

    I personally appreciate the internet sharing but the battery doesn’t last long when using Hotspot

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  15. YD

    Simple and easy to use

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