Source code of Dharma ransomware out now for sale in hacking world

The new source code of a critical ransomware named Dharma has been out for sale on two Russian hacker forums over the weekend. At a price of $2,000 which has put several security researchers all around the world on alert.

Latest update during weekend on Dharma’s source code could result in a number of more big number of attacks by criminal organizations as the source code is likely to be leaked on the public internet and accessed by large number of hackers. Its one of the advance version of Ransomware created by a professional malware author. Dharma encryption scheme is very advanced, and its undecryptable currently

Security firms also confirming Dharma Ransomware was behind most of the RansomWare attacks in 2019, Security researchers are praying that Dharma source code hope finds its way into the good hands of security researchers. Before it create another panic worldwide during the pandemic tough time.

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